Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Words That Don't Get Enough Use

eisegesis - Interpreting a text in such a way as to support one's own ideas
palimpsest - It's a big word - most generally referring to the layering of new over old (at the expense of the old)
anterograde - Moving or extending forward in time or space (see also antegrade)
palindrome - a word, phrase, or other series of characters which is the same forward or reversed (Maybe I should say anterograde or retrograde?)
Idempotent - not changed when multiplied by itself - in more common usage to mean either an operation whose output is the same as its input, or a value which is not changed for a given operation.
reification - turning the abstract into the real (see also: reification fallacy
and one more:
teleology - explaining the way things are by reference to the way they will be or should be at their conclusion

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