Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Now We Know What SD ~REALLY~ Stands For!

SD = Self Destruct

The short version of the story:
Sunday, I set my laptop to suspend and left it. A few minutes later I smelled smoke and (with a horrible sinking feeling) realized something was wrong wrong wrong.

I had left a Lexar MicroSD card in an SD adapter which more or less permanently resides in my laptop. When I looked closer, I could see that tha card, adapter and laptop had fused and a tiny sliver of smoke was curling up from them.

The cards couldn't be immediately removed, but miraculously, the laptop not only still worked, but never actually went "off" (it resumed from "suspend" while I was checking the damage when I opened the screen.) The pictures below show what I found later when I was able to extract the card and adapter. The real kicker is, using a spare adapter and an outdated 32M Micro SD card I was able to verify that the slot on the laptop still works!

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