Thursday, March 20, 2008

Breakin at my office

Took my time getting this edited down:

The breakin was somewhat unexpected, but shouldn't have been. They took 8 Sony Vaio laptops for which serial numbers have been spread to local fuzz and pawn shops. The laptops were all essentially brand new and had asset tags (which have no doubt been removed). They were also in bags with stitched logos, but the bags are no doubt trashed.

In addition, they took two Sony Vaio UX series micro PC's which weren't new, but had no useful information on them.

Finally they stole a katana-style sword that I had made the blade for myself. This pisses me off. You can rest assured I'll be looking for that, and it is easily, easily recognizable.

Here is some graffiti the idiots left... thanks for the fingerprints!

They also hosed down a computer room with a fire extinguisher. Big mess, true, but didn't even slow down the servers. Idiots.

Jonas Bull

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