Sunday, February 3, 2008

Weekend project

We decided to go ahead and repair the front porch on our house. This repair has been long needed. The new porch will have 5/4 board replacing 5/8 plywood sections-many of which were deteriorated tovthe point of being unsafe.

Moreover, two of the brick pilings were either damaged or needed to be reseated.

We started Saturday about noon ripping out the old plywood. This took much longer than expected and it was getting late by the time we started laying the new deck.

Various problems were encountered, including a length miscalculation. We needed more lumber than we thought and on Sunday drove to Home Depot for more.

We had originally paid about 5.50 ea for 12ft boards at a local Jack's store. HD had 10ft boards for 5.87. Surprise, more expensive at the big box! Then we were charged 8.37 at checkout! That additiion was corrected, but we still paid more for less at HD.

Here are a couple of pix of the half finished deck as of Sunday night.


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