Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Side Trip

On my way to another engagement I realized that I was quite early. I decided to put the time to use exploring with GPS.

I found a little side road that didn't actually seem at all interesting. I did see a sign which mentioned a detour, but it was ambiguously marked and wouldn't have deterred me anyway.

I soon discovered a heretofore unglimpsed (by me) railroad spur. Nearby I found the foundation of an old switching station, now being used to dump deer carcasses.

Further in I encountered a pile of dirt covering the road. This is often used to more or less permanently prevent use of the road. This encouraged me to explore further. A quick bounce and I was over.

The road narrowed and was in a deeper state of disrepair. I eventually found the bridge which was closed but still standing. I was running out of time, but walked the bridge to check it out. It seemed fairly stable as closed deathtraps go. So... Turn back or press on? Yeah right! Onward! I eased out onto the bridge which held my weight but I didn't wait around. I hit the (much higher) dirt pile blocking the other end resulting in red clay dirt all over my truck, but a successful
traverse of the death-bridge.

Jonas Bull

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alphabitch said...

SWEET! I totally need to find some shit like that up here, now that I have a big-ass 4.4 truck. :-)

TheJonas said...

Thanks. My "truck" isn't really, it's an SUV gas guzzler, but I can't afford to dump it right now. It's not even 4x4! but it does get me in and out of some awkward situations. I love to explore pretty much anything and everything, so I hope to have more of these in the future.